Harrow County #15

by H├ęctor A on August 14, 2016

Script: Cullen Bunn
Art and Lettering: Tyler Crook
Publisher: Dark Horse


Harrow County #15 pickus up immediately after the end of last issue with Odessa, one of the members of the lodge of witches introduced two issues ago, walking alongside Emmy as she relates the story of Hester and the coven itself. The issue goes deep into mthology and past history, which could bring the issue down but Bunn is a talented writer and his pacing draws you into Odessa's narration, with beautifully illustrated flashbacks interspersed with scenes of Odessa and Emmy strolling through Harrow County. It helps that Bunn's prose is really well written, with each of his characters here having a distinctive voice.


Bunn and Crook include details like signs telling a short story of their own to increase the atmosphere of the issue. The issue ends on a really interesting cliffhanger that brings Emmy and the coven into conflict over Harrow County, and Bunn makes sure to reinforce the relationship between Emmy and the inhabitants of the county by showing her interacting with some of them as she and Odessa talk.


The art here is outstanding. Crook seamlessly integrates the lettering effects into his lines, crafting a few very striking images with lots of movement. He includes livelier colors as well, and the contrast between them the usually more opaque palette also help differentiate this issue. With more eye-catching powers being in display here, Crook can really play up the fantastic aspect of his art. But as the whole issue takes place as two characters walk through Harrow County, the art still remains somewhat grounded in the pastoral vibe that the whole series has had.


The serialized back-up story, written by Crook and with art by Brian Hurtt and Matt Kindt, continues with its penultimate chapter (I think) here. I really enjoy the watercolor look of these but the story isn't going in a particularly interesting direction.


Harrow County keeps getting better and better with each issue of this arc. Bunn and Crook play more to their strengths and visually this is one of my favorite chapters of the series so far.

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