4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #2

by H├ęctor A on July 02, 2016

Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Tyler Boss
Lettering by: Thomas Mauer
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

First of all, let me acknowledge how many good titles Black Mask have published recently. From Space Riders and Rosenberg's We Can Never Go Home to 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and next week's debut of Kim & Kim they have edited a lot of extraordinary series recently. That said, I hadn't picked up April's #1 issue when it came out but after getting to read both issues this week, I'm comfortable saying this may become one of my favorite books of the year.


The humour in this book is outstanding. Boss, Mauer and Rosenberg pack a lot of jokes in every page, it makes re-reading this very rewarding as you notice visual jokes which you may have missed at first. Furthermore, Boss has a really unique way of portraying simple actions, his approach to paneling helps advance the plot without becoming bogged down by uneven pacing. The spread where Paige looks up her father on a police computer reminds me of a Sam Raimi set-piece where something like re-loading a shotgun is represented in a series of close-up shots.


Rosenberg has created a cast of characters with great chemistry. It is so enjoyable when you get to a group of characters that are able to riff off each other for a few pages. That being said, the book does have a darker undertone as the kids come into conflict with a gang of mysterious criminals. It's a similar vibe to the one on We Can Never Go Home, as you constantly felt the main characters racing towards a point of no return.


4 Kids Walk Into A Bank has raced out of the gate with 2 great issues. The tone on this book is perfect for its subject matter, with the almost palpable danger of an impending confrontation being balanced out by an ever-present unique sense of humour. Combined with the incredible art, it definitely makes this a comic you should be reading.

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