Vampirella #1

by Forrest.H on March 15, 2017

Vampirella (2017) #1
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Jimmy Broxton
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
A new beginning for Vampirella leaves her just as confused as readers might be by this issue’s end.

Awakening in L.A. 1000 years into the future, Vampirella quickly discovers that blood is now black, phallic shapes seems to hold some weird control over the cultural consciousness, and the line between death and life is blurred. Her first thought, however, is to get some new clothes. And that’s only one of the weird mismatches in this introductory issue.

Straddling the line between oftentimes funny if extreme satire and borderline misogyny, Cornell never really lands on what the issue’s narrative is meant to convey or even where it’s headed. Vampirella’s narration on each page grounds the issue a bit, and is a smart choice in conveying how she feels as her world is so different than the one she’s used to but by the end of my second read through, I was more confused than intrigued. Hardly the emotion you want a first issue to capture.

Broxton’s artistic efforts here fare slightly better. The pages are mesmerizing tableaux of a new world – somewhere between cyberpunk dystopia and modern day parallel that works for the most part. Coloring is sound, too, utilizing swaths of similar color in different enough ways that each page feels connected but unique. Unfortunately, the pages are a bit too busy, and the final scene is slightly confusing in its choreography but still passable.

This is not a particularly compelling first issue. It has good moments, narration and art included, but has bad in equal measure with the narrative lacking a clear sense of direction or tone. I don’t think I’ll be visiting L.A. with Vampirella again but dedicated readers might find something to latch onto. 

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