We Can Never Go Home #2

by Forrest.H on May 06, 2015

Writer: Matthew RosenbergPatrick Kindlon
Artist: Josh Hood
Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Release Date: May 6, 2015
Cover Price: $3.99
We Can Never Go Home 2 instills a sense of urgency that I hardly ever feel when reading or reviewing comics, a sense of tension and immediacy that makes it both enthralling and terrifying to read.

Madison and Duncan can never go home, that much we know. So, where do they go? What does someone stronger than most of us but, also scared to death do with their powers and, with themselves?

Rosenberg, Kindlon and Hood explore those questions and more with this second issue of the Black Mask comic but avoid the obvious pitfalls.

I’m glad Duncan didn’t really have plan at all, I’m glad he’s not afraid to shoot someone, I’m glad he’s not beyond bullying the bullies. He and Madison aren’t heroes. They’re scared kids. No comic I’ve read before this better conveys that.

Madison, too, willing to tackle a hulk of man and rip a safe’s door off but to also say that Duncan “saved” her. Her willingness to remove herself from her own abilities and strengths, distance herself from her own identity because she doesn’t know how to handle it, is something, too that I admire from a philosophical point.

It’s obvious there’s more than a little forethought at play here, perfectly orchestrated by these creators but not by the characters themselves.

I have no idea where they’re headed but, neither do they, and that’s what’s keeping this book so genuine and interesting. Realism filtered through ink and color. 

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