Hit: 1957

by Forrest.H on March 25, 2015

Writer: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Ray

Hit 1957 is a follow up to BOOM's 2013 series, Hit. The original was a series defined by it's dark, noir and visceral nature and, so is this follow up. However, some missteps in the art and narrative make this first issue of the new short story less effective than its predecessor. 

Carlson writes a dark, disturbing and action oriented script that takes elements from noir and crime films across the board and uses them well. It's a crisp, dark and dizzying time piece. He follows up Hit's storylines and characters here in a satisfying and organic way, too. The unfortunate thing is that it all seems...blunt. The narration and dialogue hit you over the head and there are some groan inducing moments of telling instead of showing. It seems that Carlson is afraid of letting the pages speak for themselves which is a shame because Del Ray's art could carry the story all on its own, really. 

Vanesa's art is dynamic, cinematic and greusome in the best ways. Especially so, in the earlier parts of the issue which deliver a cleaner, crisper look than the latter part. For some reason, around page 10 or 11, the art changes dramatically to a busy, lineworked attempt that more closely resembles the original series but also looks less focused in comparison to the earlier parts of this very issue. It's a weird misstep but, thankfully, both styles are visually appealing and characteristic in a way that matches Carlson's script well.

Hit 1957 is not for people who haven't read the original series. Right now it's a decent, dark and efficent story that follows up the original well but makes some missteps in execution. 

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