Captain America #20

by F.D. White on May 14, 2014

I’m just going to come out and say it. I am not a fan of the “evolved” form of The Iron Nail. I think it looks dumb. Without a proper explanation to even explain why he looks this way we're left with a goofy bug / dragon with heart tentacles. Before his plan seemed maniacal and brilliant, but now because of the change in appearance it just seems goofy. Continuing with my complaints, Dr. Mindbubble is too quickly disposed of. I mean if that’s all anyone needed to do to stop him, why did it take so long?

This issue mostly deals with the effects of Dr. Mindbubble’s mind bubbles. Cap is stuck in one and in a heart breaking sequence we get to see a happy Cap. Unfortunately, it’s not real and Cap knows this. He forces himself to come back to his bitter reality because that’s what Cap needs to do. He can be pushed to brink as many times as possible, but always he will come back.

It’s on this idea that Remender's Captain America hinges on. What happens if Cap doesn’t come back? Throughout this entire series we’ve seen Remender push and push Cap towards inevitable self-destruction. He can only endure so much. After the events of this arc, I’m not sure the Cap that leaves it will be the same one we know and love. It has me eagerly anticipating issue after issue.

Bringing this back to my dislike of the Iron Nail’s “evolved” character design. Other than that, Nic Klein and Dean White once again knock it out of the park with this issue. I’ve been in love with this art team ever since they took over since Romita Jr. left. The colors are bright and vibrant. They fit perfectly with the broad strokes of Klein’s pencil work.

Remender’s run on Captain America seems destined to be remembered, or should I say “Remendered”? (I’ll see myself out.)

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