Ms. Marvel #11

by F.D. White on February 05, 2015

Ms. Marvel really couldn't have asked for a better ending to her first arc. It encapsulates everything about her story so far. It's funny, dyamic, a little dark, and full of heart. Kamala finally faces off agains The Inventor in this climactic issue, but constantly she finds herself at odds. She's still not truly a superhero yet, and struggles against what would be considered D-level superheroes to the Avengers. She learns this during her fight. As much as she wants to be the one helping others, she will need help to make it through. It's a symbiotic relationship. It's also an interesting one considering it's not the usual approach in the Marvel universe. It was refreshing to see Kamala getting help from people her age. Like the cop said, "It's not very often you see a superhero helping look for missing kids in Jersey." With many major heroes being so pre-occupied with world shattering events, Kamala continues to excited by avoiding that all together and sticking to street level crime.

Adrian Alphona's art continues to give Ms. Marvel the charm that the script demands, under less suitable hands I don't think some of the jokes would transfer as well. Not only are his visual gags delievered well, but he's also exceedingly good at delivering action and heart on the page. Also, he draws a damn cute Lockjaw.

Ms. Marvel's first arc might be over, but her real story is just beginning. After sticking the landing i'm excited to see where Kamala goes next in the Marvel Universe.

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