Wayward #4

by F.D. White on December 01, 2014

Written by: Jim Zub
Art by: Steve Cummings

Wayward is a killer book. There is no doubt about it. Each issue has been a building block towards the greater mystery and plot of the story, somewhat substantially moving the story forward. It's been compelling, action-packed, and, most importantly, earnest. Issue 4 is some of these things.
While it's certainly action-packed that's almost all it is. The issue seems like half of a whole. Nothing really happens that seems integral. Like the big battle at the end of the issue, it's all a distraction. 
We get our obligatory cliff hanger at the end but it doesn't feel earned or exciting because I still don't really know who Rori's mom really is.
All my negativity aside, it's still a DAMN good issue. The pacing is well done, the action is vivid and comes off the page. The art is stellar as always. I do wish we could learn a little bit more about the gang. They're all shrouded in mystery besides Rori. 
Overall, this issue is fun, but doesn't feel like it really went anywhere. This won't be a problem when read in trade format, but when the next issue is still three months away it leaves me a little disappointed.

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