Ms. Marvel #9

by F.D. White on October 15, 2014

Ms. Marvel has consistently been a stand-out series month after month. While, I don't think the issue has lost its charm, this issue definitely lacks something that the previous issues had. 
The problem with me saying this is that I'm not sure what that THING is...
I can praise the art and writing up and down as usual. Wilson and Alphona bring the same consistently delightful storytelling to the book. Everyone who has read it knows what I'm talking about, and everyone who hasn't has probably heard about it. 
I guess if there's something that's lacking, it's the previous sense of struggle. Everything in this issue is handed to her and compared to previous issues it doesn't mesh. Kamala has always been about standing up in the face of adversity and carving her own path. Even though she does choose to do what she needs to, a lot of help is offered to her in ways that don't feel natural to the story. 
Like her just getting a new suit in her closet, or her just being able to up and leave New Attilan. At first she's "too important" to leave so quickly, but then just a few seconds later she's allowed to leave just because. 
That is what irks me about this issue. Luckily, based on the ending it appears that the next issue won't feature too much of that. Hopefully they drop her "Inhuman destiny" and let her go back to being Kamala for awhile. 
While this issue still boasts the same charms as previous issues, it feels somewhat shoehorned and lacks any kind of Kamala struggle we've seen before.

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