Wytches #1

by F.D. White on October 10, 2014

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth

I should preface by saying that I love horror. Part of the reason Scott Snyder is one of my favorite writers is because he creates awesome horror stories. With a track record like Severed, American Vampire, and even The Black Mirror and Death of the Family. Snyder has already proved himself a formidable talent. If Wytches finishes as strong as it started. Snyder should, by all accounts, be considered a modern master.

This is a book that doesn't deserved to be spoiled because it wants you to be scared. So I'll dance around the details and point out some highlights. While the book has some real supernatural scares, the real horrors in it are what could happen in real life. Some scenes are truly discomforting. Not only because they are positively gross, but because within a few short characters Snyder has made us care about the characters.

Another big highlight is the art by Jock and Matt Hollingsworth. They are truly able to capture the mood and horror of a good scary story. Jock's pencils are jagged yet refined, and Hollingsworth's colors set the tone for every page.

This is already a comic I want to read every Halloween.

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