Captain America #25

by F.D. White on October 01, 2014

Writer: Rick Remender
Pencilers: Carlos Pacheco with Stuart Immomen
Inkers: Mariano Taibo with Wade Von Grawbadger
Colorists: Dean White, Veronica Gandini, & Marte Gracia

Marvel had a big day with replacements today! Thor Odinson is no longer Thor and a mysterious woman has replaced him. Jason Aaron's keeping that a secret from us for now, but in the Avengers wheelhouse Captain America has also been replaced (SPOILERS)! This issue is all about wrapping up Remender's excellent Captain America arc, and paying homage to how great of a character Sam Wilson is. I'm happy to say that it does both of those things very well. 

In regards to wrapping things up, Arnim Zola continues to be a pain in everyone's ass. Even though he has failed an innumerable amount of times, I'm tempted to say that he was the one that really won out this time. His goal wasn't really to blow up the city, but to be a distraction and get his daughter, Jet, back. And...well...let's just say he doesn't leave empty handed. This leads me to the most frustrating part of this issue. **SPOILERS! DON'T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS** Jet leaving with Zola felt forced. Steve and Sam have spent a lot of time with Jet now. Jet has fought along side these men and saved them from danger. Doing this she risks her life, her family, and much more in the process. And by one snap judgement from Sharon Freaking Carter (who I'm almost convinced will be a double crosser) every thing crumbles. I get that Sharon is a huge part of Steve's life and her opinion carries a lot of weight, but his immediate reaction doesn't entirely remind me of Captain America. 

With that gripe aside, everything else about this issue was great. The father / daughter dynamics between Zola and Jet, the sense of humor, Sam Wilson being a badass: everything works. Carlos Pacheco's artwork is so beautiful. I hope he gets more work with Marvel or other companies because he's an artist worth following. Not to mention solid inks from Mariano Taibo, and Dean White's ever-amazing colors. The art work really shines on a one page splash of the reveal of the All-New Captain America. 

This issue is great because it feels like the beginning of a whole new Captain America universe that Remender is building that is reinforced by a titilating epilogue. Featuring art by the art team on All-New Captain America, it gets me excited for what's to come pulling bits from not only Steve's past, but also the brilliant Winter Soldier: The Bitter March mini-series from earlier this year. 

All in all, this is a wonderful send-off for Steve Rogers and a love letter to Sam Wilson that has me more excited for Captain America than I've ever been before. 

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