Ms. Marvel #7

by F.D. White on August 20, 2014

Written by: G. Willow Wilson
Art by: Jake Wyatt

In what seemed like an editorial mandate, Wolverine has found his way to Ms. Marvel. It was probably inevitable since he's Marvel's favorite character to pass around from book to book. Somehow though G. Willow Wilson makes this crossover seem totally natural. As if Wolverine was meant from the beginning to be apart of Kamala Khan's story.

It's a poignant, funny, and heartfelt issue considering the fate of Wolverine that's approaching. 

If I had one very MINOR complaint about the writing, it would be that sometimes Kamala's hyper-awareness and reference to memes and all things internet can be a bit grating. Coming from someone who is very much that kind of person it should really bother me, but it does...but only a little. 98% of the time the dialogue is perfect. 

Jake Wyatt, Adrian Alphona's fill-in for this small arc was a great replacement. His art maintained the same kind of heart and impact that Alphona's had while still making his own impression. Plus, his versions of Wolverine and The Inventor were fantastic.

This issue is leading us to some important moments in Kamala's life, along the way it imparts some great lessons for both her and us.

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