Uncanny Avengers #22

by F.D. White on July 30, 2014

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Daniel Acuña

For every victory, there must be a sacrifice. Give and take. This holds true throughout life, so sometimes when protagonists effortlessly waltz through a story to a happy ending it feels a little hollow. Never fear though, that’s why writers like Rick Remender exist! To take character we love, or will soon love, and put them through the ringer. Only once they have been thoroughly thrashed can they finally attain some kind of happiness, some kind of momentary triumph.

Uncanny Avengers has been no different. For the past fifteen or so issues, Alex Summers and the Unity Squad have faced unimaginable horrors, and yet, in the end, they were resilient enough to survive. As they should, this is a comic and the good guys almost always win, but as I said before, there cannot be victory without sacrifice. And there will be sacrifices.

All of these harrowing adventures have been lovingly detailed by Daniel Acuna, and his painterly art has been consistently great. This issue is no different. He captures such emotion in his work, that I hope to see him in more comics in the future.

We can already see how Uncanny Avengers is shaping the Marvel universe. With only three issues left to what I can assume will be a reflective arc to end this bombastic series we will see more changes.

Take a breath now, readers. Enjoy this quiet victory. The Red Onslaught awaits us.

F.D. White is a comics writer currently working on his first mini-series, "The Fourth Sun." You can follow him on Twitter @fdwhite19

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