Uncanny Avengers #21

by F.D. White on June 25, 2014

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Daniel Acuna

Kang, you son of a bitch.

What a satisfying issue of Uncanny Avengers! Finally all the machinations set to work since the beginning of this series have mostly come together (still no sign of Red Skull, but obviously he’s coming back). If you’ve been waiting for some kind of resolution in UA since the start of the Avenge the Earth storyline, this is the issue you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy it, drink it in.

And damn was this fulfilling. It’s added a need punch in the arm to reinvigorate my joy of this series. It’s hard to talk about this issue without spoiling anything so I’ll avoid it, but will say that it’s a very well written issue, that speeds along not taking time to dawdle. It also ends on a triumphant and sad moment that is classic Remender writing.

Daniel Acuna once again kills it on art. His painted style is at once unexpected, but also completely perfect for the story. It feels as raw and passionate as the story that is being told.

By the end of this you’ll feel as played as the characters in the story, but that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

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