Uncanny Avengers #20

by F.D. White on May 28, 2014

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Daniel Acuna

I was discussing with a friend of mine earlier today about Rick Remender’s work. About how we both love pretty much everything he has done, but one thing we noticed is he is a long run kind of writer. As entertaining a single issue is, it pales in comparison to the ultimate finished product. Reading a run of his with no interruption, no waiting every month is just simply amazing.

The interruptions are a problem though. They interrupt the flow of his stories and when the momentum is broken some of the magic is lost. That’s why it’s hard to review his single issues as they stand when I know they are part of something so much more. His stories read less like monthly installments and more like a chapter in a book.

That being said this is still an enjoyable, action-packed issue. I’m so glad Kang the Conqueror is in this book. He and his crazy super team make this book so much fun. I can't wait to see what his schemes amount to. Also, I’m really glad this is the end of the Planet X arc. It just seemed to stall the story (although, once again, I’m chalking this up to the monthly breaks), but I think it’ll read better on non-stop. One major problem I've had with the Planet X arc is that it assumes a major relationship has occurred between Havok and Wasp. I mean, they have a kid, and yet, I don't care (also, how irresponsible to have a kid in a future where you're being hunted?!). We never saw that relationship blossom and so it partly means nothing especially their kid. Yes, sure it's a kid so I should worry about it's well-being, but knowing nothing about it, or the relationship that caused the kid makes the impact much less than it should be. 

Daniel Acuna’s art is great here as well. I’m a fan of artists who do it all, and he does it with aplomb. I love the painted style of the panels. It speaks to Marvel to let such a distinct art style work on one of their bigger books. It took a while for his style to grow on me, but now I’m hoping he’s here to stay.

This issue is action-packed, with just enough emotional heft to carry the reader through. I’m excited for the Planet X arc to be over now, and see where the future (or past) of Uncanny Avengers takes us next.

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