Futures End #3

by F.D. White on May 21, 2014

Three issues deep now and Futures End has been a roller coaster for me between enjoyment and not. Here’s a brief idea of how that has gone so far:

Issue #1: Wow, this is really fun. What a great idea. The art is snappy. Batman Beyond is great, but I’m not too keen on Firestorm. Well, I’m definitely in for the next issue.

Issue #2: Okay, so they gave Firestorm a majority of the issue, and it was pretty much just petty arguing with nothing being accomplished. This kind of sucks. Barely any Batman Beyond, and no Grifter at all. At least, the art is solid, and once the pieces get set up this should be fun to watch them fall down. I guess I’ll come back for the next issue.

And now I find myself at Issue #3 and having just finished it I’m aligning myself more towards my feelings on the first issue. It’s fun. We’re still getting a lot of set up, but at least this issue is more interesting than the last. There’s still more of the same with Firestorm. At least now his story seems to be going somewhere. There’s a lot of character juggling here that makes Futures End similar to Game of Thrones, but whereas Game of Thrones is master storytelling, Futures End falls short just a bit. If there were weekly issues of 40 pages then there would be some more room to elaborate and breathe, but as it stands the writers do a good job of trying to balance everything.

Dan Jurgens on art is a welcome addition. His art is strong and reminiscent of the 90s style, but while still maintaining a certain level of modernity. It’s nostalgic while still fitting with the previous art of the last two issues. It's not as strong as Zircher's art (who I look forward to drawing more of this series) but it's still good. 

Futures End is a series I’m going to keep coming back to every week with it at the top of pile, not because it’s fantastic or terrible, but because it has the potential to be both. That’s what makes this series so interesting.

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