Saga #19

by F.D. White on May 20, 2014

Saga's strongest attribute has always been its ability to take the familiar and place it in a far out setting. The characters may go to strange and fascinating places, but everything they do is always rooted in reality. Their actions and reactions are never far-fetched. Their personalities remind you of someone you know: a friend, family member. Their dysfunctional family might even remind you of your own, I know they remind me of mine.

That’s not to say that the series isn’t without its detractors. Constantly pushing the envelope by displaying more or less completely natural images that some might consider risqué, the first page of this issue may gross some people out. Once again though these moments fit into the natural reality of the story.

I've heard many complaints about the last arc (#13-18) because it was too slow, that "nothing" happened. People who didn't like those issues may not like this one, because "nothing" happens. There's no sword fight, explosions, or people being jettisoned into space. There's just a family, a family struggling to be normal under difficult circumstances.

Luckily for us, we’re graced with Fiona Staples on art duty. I would wait a year in between arcs if it meant she could do the art exactly how she wanted. She fully realizes these characters and brings them to life. She makes intimate moments interesting to look at because of her ability to draw a slight emotional tic on a character’s face. You can feel these character’s emotions emanating from the page. It's those little things amongst the grandiose space opera that make her art special.

Issue #19 continues this trend of intimacy with aplomb. They may not be running from assassins and mercenaries, but it is definitely not boring.

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Can't believe it, but I almost forgot saga existed.