Aquaman #14

by Favian C on December 01, 2012


"The Others" crossover arch has just come to a close and now the "Throne of Alantis" begins! Writer Geoff Johns and pencillers Pete woods and Pete Perez team up, to bring us this months 
exciting issue of Aquaman.
Let me start by saying that to me Aquaman has become one of the best things to come out of The New 52, Geoff Johns has transformed Aquaman from the stereotypical useless Justice 
League member, into an amazing character delving deeper into the more human side of Aquaman. In this issue we see the start of "Throne of Alantis" a crossover arc that we will see in Aquaman #14-16 dip into Justice League #15-17, though I am normally not a fan of cross-overs
DC has lately been pumping out great material, such as Rotworld, Death of the Family, and Rise of the Third Army to which I say "shutup and take my money". A dark shadowy figure from Aquaman's past returns clearly forshadowing his involvment with the events to come. Geoff Johns begins by setting the entire issue to be driven by a flashback of the ill-fate of Aquaman's grandparents, setup with superior story telling through dialogue. Although the story doesn't go anywhere but is a mere set of flashbacks that characterize the shadowy figure, the eerie presence of "somethings not right" never leaves the pages which is a great effect that will keep you reading. Although I did find the art to be fairly simple unlike Ivan Reis's work in the previous story arc. The work of Pete Woods and Pete Perez is not the most beautiful thing to look at but it doesnt obscure your thoughts from the story, which to me is "Okay art". Aside from that its a great issue leaving me for much to look forward to with high hopes and expectations!


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