Deadpool #63

by Favian C on October 25, 2012


Daniel Way's run on Deapool comes to an end and all I can think is "finally!"


Long time Deadpool writer, Daniel Way, brings us the final issue to his run on Deadpool, and quite frankly I found it very relieving. Don't get me wrong, Deadpool is amongst my favorite characters but the removal of Deadpool’s healing factor back in the story arc “Dead” may have sounded like a great idea, but instead made the end of this run just dreadful. Being a long time Deadpool fan, I continued picking up every issue silently promising myself “It will get better”, and when Marvel NOW was announced I kept telling myself “It’s almost over” almost like a bad dream. Surely Daniel Way’s run had its up’s and downs but “humanizing” Deadpool was not one of those ups.


When the new Deadpool team was announced for Marvel NOW it was confirmed Deadpool would continue this series with his healing factor intact. Picking up this issue one would expect to discover how Deadpool will have is healing factor returned, but when finishing this issue I couldn’t help but to feel cheated. It almost felt as Way just lost interest in the title and wanted to get it over with just as much as I did.  As for the art it was okay, nothing good or bad to say, it was just okay.

It’s a disappointing end for Deadpool, but there’s nothing we can do but hope the new Marvel NOW Deadpool team gives us the Deadpool we want!

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