The Ghost Fleet #1

by Forrest.H on November 05, 2014

The Ghost Fleet #1 Review
Ghostly, yes. But very much real.

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson 
Publisher: Dark Horse

This comic is like the final "chase" scene of The Fast and The Furious (the first one, the good one.) combined with that episode of The X-Files where mulder follows the truck with the alien in it. On steroids. 

Donny Cates and Daniel Warren Johnson pull no punches in introducing us to the world of The Ghost Fleet. The story, and first issue, follow the lives of men who give their everything to protecting semi trucks full of product. What is the product? Nobody knows, but it's highly dangerous and apparently, quite vaulable to someone somewhere. On what seems like a routine run, one of the trucks is attacked and busts open. Trace, one of the men responsible for protecting the cargo, sees something inside the truck that he'll never forget. 

This first issue is high octane fueled badassery and intrigue. Cates' writing is tight, familiar and concise. You almost immediatley understand the characters and their motivations and it doesn't feel forced. The cliffhanger-esque ending is a suckerpunch of mind bending proportions that has me more than yearning to see what happens next. It's all so visceral and still authentic. There's elements of Fast and Furious, X-Files, BPRD and so much more melded perfectly into this high risk, high reward first issue that doesn't miss a beat.

Johnson's art is equally enthralling. Fast, fluid, furious and ferocious. More happened in this first issue than happens in some entire arcs of other books. I don't care about cars or trucks at all but the mechanical prowess and power demonstrated in this issue is gripping. From images of decapitation to images of deception, the tone and pace of the story are dictated by Johnson's pencils and, dictated well. 

This is a powerful first issue. One that demands your attention. It's almost so fast that it's hard to fully grasp what's happening unfortunately but just when it seems like too much, it's reigned in and honed into a concise introduction to the world. Like bottled lightning, Ghost Fleet radiates a specific energy. I'm not sure that they'll be able to keep this level of verve up in following issues but if they are, all aboard the Ghost Fleet. 

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