Dark Ages #3

by Forrest.H on October 07, 2014

Dark as space, slightly lit by stars

Writing: Dan Abnett
Art: INJ Culbard
Publisher: Dark Horse

I've given Abnett and Culbard's previous 2 issues of Dark Ages a lot of semi-praise. I like the concept, I like the art but, most the time, I don't like the writing or the progression of the story. I can't say the same for issue 3 because instead, I want to give it real, geuine, not nit-picky praise.

Abnett avoids the lofty dialogue and wordiness this time around and instead presents a clear, concise story that although full of dialogue, is ultimatley interesting and rewarding. Lucifer's characterization is leaps and bounds ahead of what's been done in the previous two issues and the newly introduced "angel" is so profoundly unique that it's hard to find any flaws in its writing at all. Carefully treading the line between sci-fi and fantasy, this issue presents an interesting premise and concludes a cliffhanger from the previous issue in a way that doesn't feel cheap or deus-ex-machina-y. Also, the last image is totally badass and I think Abnett has what it takes to make a cool conclusion out of this book.

Culbard's monster design skills here are less at play as it's mostly dialogue scenes but he still presents the tone and general feel of the book and its world very well. The few interactions with monsters (or aliens or whatever) still bring a good, dark and cross genre imagery that is used to a great effect. His sense of simplicity and tension are honed and unique. 

It's hard to review this issue without spoilers so all I can say is this:

Fans of fantasy, generous religious talk. and Mignola, check this out. 


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