The High Republic Adventures #8 Review

by Krownest on September 03, 2021

The High Republic Adventures continue!! After a... sort-of hiatus, sort-of detour, the main story of this series is back, and that combined with the new artist makes this possibly the best issue yet! For reference, the first arc of this series saw Zeen Mrala join the Star Hopper padawans, and her best friend Krix join Marchion Ro and the Nihil. The second arc took us to Nal Hutta on a detour with other Farzala and Qort, since the novel Race to Crashpoint Tower briefly took over the story of Zeen (and her possible budding romance with Lula?). Now, all the character reunite, with new characters from both those stories joining the main cast of the series. Those characters would be Ram Jomaram, a padawan from Crashpoint Tower, and Ishnar, a Zabrak warrior-chef from Nal Hutta. 

This issue is mostly just set-up for the big story to come, but unlike with the preview issues that played the same role, I found myself way more invested this time around... mainly because I could see what was happening. The art on the first seven issues wasn't bad... but it just wasn't for me, and I found it hard to parse through it and know what was going on. I've seen others say they loved the art, so this is more a subjective take than anything else. However, the art here is leagues better in my opinion, and suits the tone of a kid's comic way more. It also highlights something really interesting: the padawans are growing up. They're noticably taller and older than in the first arc, which makes sense since there's some nine months in-between the two. But it's a really cool detail I love to see.

The story itself is, like I said, only set-up, but it's still really well done. Here, we see Krix Kamerat with a much larger role in the Nihil, now that he's been Marchion's apprentice for almost a year, and he starts making moves, which puts him on the radar of the Star Hopper padawans. (I don't know why I keep calling them that, they haven't been on the Star Hopper since Issue #4 or 5) This issue promises a deadly reunion between Krix and Zeen next issue, which is gonna be veeeery exciting. My only real complaint with this issue is that there wasn't much of Lula with Zeen; Race to Crashpoint Tower made their growing friendship/possible romance very obvious, but they barely interacted here, and that's sad. Hopefully it'll happen during the rest of the arc. But yeah, this issue was great, check it out!

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