Bounty Hunters #15 Review

by Krownest on August 06, 2021

Author: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Paolo Villanelli
Colorist: Arif Prianto
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

This issue is pretty strange, all things considered. But in a good way.. a very good way. War of the Bounty Hunters is entering its third month now, meaning it's at the halfway point, and every other ongoing series that's been tying into it has tied into it heavily, whether it be in a big way or small way. But this series has stayed largely separate so far, which is weird, considering the series is named Bounty Hunters. But, I've found myself appreciating that a lot, surprisingly enough... Mainly because this is the best arc the series has done yet. 

I quickly realized why the series hasn't tied into the main War mini while reading this: it hasn't reached it yet. The ball on Jekara that the others have all been tying into is still being set up here, and we'll presumably see them on Jekara next issue. But despite that, this issue still feels pretty connected to everything, and it's incredibly cool how. It's only a pro that the series has two groups of characters doing separate things (Valance and Dengar and T'onga and Losha), since one group can progress the plot of the series, while the other progresses the plot of the crossover. 

Valance and Dengar get their invititation across the course of this issue, primarily by stealing it, while T'onga and her wife start building a squad of hunters that includes Tasu Leech, of The Force Awakens fame. There are two bits of really cool connectivity I love here: first, T'onga and Losha's next stop is to get Zuckuss, who is depressed and on his own after the events of War of the Bounty Hunters #1 and the WOTBH: Zuckuss and 4-LOM one-shot! Next, Valance and Dengar head to Canto Bight in their mission to get an invitation, bumping into Just Lucky, Ariole, and Wen Delphis, all supporting characters from the current Doctor Aphra series!

Eventually, Dengar and Valance do get their invitation, setting up their debut in the big crossover next issue. The other half of the series' characters are one step closer to having their bounty hunting team, getting closer to a culmination of the series' own story, which I've been enjoying a lot. And of course, Vukorah is here, and she's always a win (my trans pirate queen beloved <3). The art by Paolo Villanelli is PHENOMENAL as always, to no one's surprise. Overall, just a fantastic issue! It's kinda funny how this was one of the weaker ongoings at first and now it's easily the strongest in my opinion.

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