Doctor Aphra #7

by Ellie J. on January 21, 2021

Aphra's back to her roots!  This series has done a wonderful job of using the same tropes and archetypes that her stories have always had, while telling new stories at the same time. This issue does maybe the best job of that yet, I think. It continues the ongoing story of Aphra trying to pay her debts and survive the wrath of Domina Tagge, and also brings back one of Aphra's first supporting characters, Sana Starros! Starros has been one of the most popular original characters in Marvel's Star Wars comics since her first appearance in Jason Aaron's Star Wars run, and it was in that run that it was revealed that she and Aphra used to be together before a painful break-up. 

This issue does a great job of not relying on the same tired dynamic between the two; their last appearance together had them almost-sort-of-maybe reconciling, and this issue isn't throwing that away. They don't get along, but Sana's willing to work with Aphra, and I think that's pretty cool. Anyway, Aphra asks Sana for an introduction to Lady Proxima, who could had information on the Nihil Path Engine Aphra's been tasked with finding for Domina. As always, it ends in an explosion, and here the issue does the second thing that I really like.

Proxima points Aphra and Sana towards the Unbroken Clan, aka the crime syndicate that's currently the primary focus over in the Bounty Hunters series! I've been waiting for the two series to cross over for obvious reasons, they're both about the same corners of Star Wars, and this is a really fun one. Valance doesn't appear or anything, but Valance's current arch-enemy Vukorah does. They get their next clue from Vukorah by force and go on their way, and that's where the issue ends. 

I'm really loving this second arc of the series! Aphra continues to shine brighter than any of Marvel's other Star Wars series, though the High Republic started out with a bang too. The art and writing and everything about this issue was great, and I didn't even mention a few smaller things like the short detour to Lucky's subplot (mainly because there's not much to talk about yet) or the non-binary character that works for Domina. I highly recommend checking out this issue, and I can't wait for the next one!

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