Doctor Aphra #6 Review

by Ellie J. on November 30, 2020

Author: Alyssa Wong
Penciller: Ray Anthony-Height, Robert Gill
Inker: Victor Olazaba
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

This series continues to impress!! The first arc of the relaunched Doctor Aphra did a great job of introducing us to the new cast and ongoing conflict that the series is gonna be about, and this issue does a really good job of setting up the second arc. In the previous five issues, Aphra went on a job to find the Rings of Vaale, two artifacts from the High Republic Era, for Ronen Tagge. She of course betrayed him, but this put her on the radar of someone far more dangerous, and far more recognizable: Domina Tagge! She originated in Marvel's first Star Wars series back in the 70s, and now she's back.

Marvel has been bringing back a lot of characters and stories from their original run, and I've mostly loved it so far (with the exception of not being super into what they've done with Valance). This issue does a fantastic job of setting up what this new version of Domina Tagge wants, and where this arc is going to be going. She isn't some petty collector like Ronen; she wants power, and stopping others from having it. In this issue, she has Aphra chased by every bounty hunter around until she's captured, only to hire her for a job: destroy the Path Engine, a Nihil ship capable of ultra-fast hyperspeed that would give Domina's competition the edge they need to surpass her.

I will say, it's getting a little old seeing so much set-up for the High Republic, but the Path Engine is a really interesting concept, so I don't mind it too much here. The issue ends with Aphra agreeing to the job, but requesting that she have a partner she can trust... ish... And that partner is none other than Sana Starros! It's been a while since we've seen her, but she's Aphra's old girlfriend/rival that has tried to kill her. Aphra has several of those, but Sana is the most popular and has appeared a lot in other comics and even novels! It's really cool that she's being brought back into the story; I hope she's followed by other characters from Aphra's past... like maybe Magna Tolvan?

Anyway, this issue was very, very good. It did a great job of being a set-up issue that felt contained and important in its own right. In series like Bounty Hunters (and even Star Wars), the set-up issues always feel really slow and boring, but that wasn't the case with this issue at all. The art by the new art team (replacing Marika Cresta's art from the first arc) was really good, the art style really suits the Indiana-Jones tone of the series. I'm super-excited to see where this arc goes in the next issue, more so now that Sana is playing a big role in the story!

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