Doctor Aphra #3 Review

by Ellie J. on August 30, 2020

Writer: Alyssa Wong
Artist: Marika Cresta
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

This series just continues to get better! Last issue I talked about how effective the series has been with introducing Aphra's new team and making them endearing. This issue continues to do that, but as usual with Aphra, their adventure takes a turn for the worse after a series of betrayals and backstabs. Last issue ended with the team being found by Ronen Tagge and being split up. Eustacia, Krrsantan, and Lucky fell down a hole, while Aphra and Detta were taken captive by Ronen. This issue opens with the first of many betrayals, by Aphra herself, who saves herself by promising to get the Rings for Ronen.

But while all the backstabbings in this issue are fun, the part of the issue I love the most is the way Aphra as a character is compared to everyone else. Doctor Aphra as a series has always been about morality and what makes a good person. Aphra has always been willing to admit that she's not a good person and always pushes the people who care about her away, and her selfishness is always in stark contrast to most other characters' selflessness. This issue actually does the exact opposite, and it's so well-done.

Like I said, the issue is about backstabbings and betrayals. It's slowly revealed that half of the team was planning to betray the rest at some point. But the one I loved the most is Detta Yao's betrayal, and it's what I was talking about in the last paragraph. Aphra reveals that she knew about Detta's plans to betray them the whole time, because it's what she would've done. There's a full page where both characters' lives are shown side-by-side, revealing that they're really not that different; both are under-appreciated archeological geniuses out to prove their worth and ruin lives in the process. Detta is just a younger version of Aphra. 

The issue continues to have the team continually betray each other until Lucky, who was working for Ronen the whole time, ends up with the one Ring of Vaale they found. His betrayal is fine, I guess. He hasn't really been explored as a character yet, so it's hard to care that much. But the comparison between Aphra and Detta was the standout moment of the issue. It was only made better by Marika Cresta's amazing art. The comparison was made using a shattered-glass kind of effect and it was so cool. I didn't realize until re-reading the issue for writing this review, but the moment and effect is represented on Valentina Remenar's cover too!

That's it for this issue! So far, this series is everything I wanted it to be, and I can't wait to see how the arc wraps up over the next two issues. My only hope is that Lucky's motivations are explored more, since he's the only member of the "team" that hasn't been now. See you next issue!

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