by Doug Warren on December 13, 2017

Story Sean Lewis
Art Caitlin Yarsky
Publisher  Image Comics

Right at the start, Lewis lets us know what we are dealing with in this story: werewolves. There are a lot of stories about how werewolves come to be, and as far as I’ve seen, Coyotes has an original take.

We are introduced to the Lady Victorias, a group of women living in the City of Lost Girls, but the story takes off with Eyepatch and our red-letter-savior (if you missed the symbolism in the story, check out my review of issue no. 1) finding a mysterious doll in the Duchess’s possession. A doll that brings Red to tears, and also introduces us to the Hurt.

Officer Coffey is still taking an interest in Red. And he may know the secret of the doll. When the trek is done and we find where the doll may have come from, more questions are asked, the answers may be more unsettling than originally imaged, and Officer Coffey may be more important that we realized.
After the main story, we see a back-story on the Duchess. It is worth sticking around for.

The artistic style fits the story well, but some frames seemed more cartoony than the others. And the lettering did distract me more this time than last issue. I can see merit in putting your own stamp on the book and making it unique, but, there is a reason comic book block lettering is more or less universal. If it ain’t broke, well, you know.

The series may be taking it’s time getting started, but I can’t wait until the whole scene is set and we can start getting into the action.

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