by Doug Warren on November 08, 2017

Story Sean Lewis
Art Caitlin Yarsky
Publisher  Image Comics

Right out of the gate, Lewis and Yarsky gave us an amazing comic book with Coyotes Part One.

The symbology right off the bat is hard to miss. Starting with two panels of crosses, the sun haloing one of the crosses, there’s no missing what that means. And let’s look at the protagonist, Analia. A name literally combining grace and the light. Do we have a messiah figure here? Well, all of her dialog is written in red letters, and there’s only one other person who only speaks in red. (Although, Analia did drop a lot more motherf-----s than the red-letter savior.)

In a story told mainly through “voice overs,” we are introduced to the City of Lost Girls and discover how Analia and her friend (affectionately called Eyepatch) found themselves there. The whole place is kind of mysterious, and we don’t know the stories of the other women and girls there. Or the coyotes that they are in battle with. And, going back to the symbolism in everything, I am actually not sure if the coyotes are really canines or metaphorical beasts, but I am sure that will be made clear in future issues.

When I thought the comic was over, a different story started. For an ever-brief second, I thought maybe it was a different story or a preview of an upcoming series, but instead it was the back-story for someone who appeared to be a minor character, but perhaps someone who is going to play a larger role in future issues.
I loved the artwork. Some may say it was understated, but I appreciated how it was story focused instead of flashy and over the top.

There are endless possibilities for this comic, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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