by Doug Warren on October 11, 2017

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Alberto Foche
Colorist: Jordi Escuin Liorach
Publisher: Titan Comics

Nostalgia will definitely run through your veins when you pick up the first issue of Dan Dare. The feeling of opening up a comic book from the bargain pile when I was a kid, or going to the dollar cinema on Sci-Fi night—Dan Dare brought those memories back.

What Dan Dare may lack in depth is more than makes up for in its camp and charm. I think something that Milligan and Foche should be applauded for is making a non-human supervillain sympathetic to the readers. Seriously, there will be at least one small moment where you root for The Mekon, Lord of the Treens. Also, the book really had a feel of a 1950s or ‘60s TV show. It followed a classic story arc, which is so relieving to see in a comic book now days where the norm tends to split one story arc into 4 or more issues.

I think the artwork and bright colors help add to the comic’s charm. This story could’ve been drawn as dark and gritty, but I don’t think it would’ve been as good. Keeping with the artistic vision of a 1950s view of the future, Foche hit the jackpot.

And, at the end, there was some teaser as to what would come next issue. I can’t wait to pick it up.

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