by Doug Warren on August 09, 2017

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Mirko Colak
Colorist: Maria Santaolalla

The nostalgia hit hard with this new take on the tale of King Arthur, and it is mainly thanks to Colak and Santaolalla. The detailed drawings and the color blends took me back to the indie comics of 25-35 years ago. Instead of the bright, bold, glossy colors that are all too common today, Santaolalla delved into the soft pastels to really bring the world of Bunn’s story to life, and the details and line work done with the characters and background is impeccable. It was a welcomed break from the norm.

And what Bunn did with the story is amazing as well. He took a story we all should know, The Sword in the Stone, and added new flavor to it, for instance, taking Merlin from a wizard to more of a demonic being. It is paced well, divided almost in to chapters to show the progression of time, and even though it’s part two of a series, it feels like a self-contained story. If you missed the first issue, you will have no problem picking this one up and becoming instantly absorbed into the world of Merlin and King Arthur.

If you want a break from super heroes and the modern world and want to discover a new take on a classic story, this book is for you.

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