by Doug Warren on August 02, 2017

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Gabriel “Gabo” Bautista
Colourist: Gabriel “Gabo” Bautista
Publisher: Oni Press

A couple things off the bat: 1 – when I find licensed material, especially when the material is based off of something like a board game, I’m always a little leery that it will be gimmicky and not a quality comic that can stand on its own. I can assure you right now, that is not the case with this comic. 2 – this is the kind of comic book that if my mama would’ve caught me reading when I was a kid, I would’ve been grounded for a month! And I loved it.

Having Kyle Starks at the helm was both a gift to the franchise and to us, the readers. He brings genuine humor to the piece, reminding us why they are called comic books in the first place. The issue is fast paced with no wasted frames, and it keeps the reader enthralled the whole time.  I can’t imagine that there would be any reader who could pick this up and not finish it in one sitting. I am just counting the days until I can read issue number two.

Gabo’s art did a perfect job of bringing this world to life. I could go into specifics and say he did this and that well, from the character’s expressions to the color scheme, but why?  It’s easier to say he did all of it right, and avoided missteps.

I have a feeling you are going to hear a lot about this series as it continues, and if you don’t pick up issue #1 and get in from the beginning, you’re going to be kicking yourself later.

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