Flash S03E12 - Untouchable

by Dorlan on February 20, 2017

Wally and Barry preparing to race each other
In just one day we will see the first part of two episode story that will bring back Grodd. And just in time, I’m here to remind you about the episode that aired last, almost two weeks ago. At the after credit scene, we learned that Grodd took Wells and Jesse Quick came to Earth-1 to ask for help. But, what did lead up to this? You are about to get reminded.

This episode started with one of the better scenes that we saw in this season. Barry training Wally to be faster. This simple premise started with these two speedsters racing through the Central City. Their race accompanied by betting on the outcome by the rest of the team. Although the intro sequence was very memorable, one thing again wasn’t.

To be fair, his powers were memorable, especially because they helped push both Barry and Wally to their limits, which became extremely impressive in the case of the former. While Clive Yorkin was on the screen he played very well, but his motivations were just not very interesting. We already saw people trying to avenge themselves for what happened in the flashpoint and it is hard to justify doing these things more times without any real explanation besides: we need a bad guy for this episode.

I also must spend at least a minute and admire Wells’ enthusiasm in training Wally. Barry is trying his best to teach Wally all his skills, but even though Wally is faster than Barry, he is slower in learning and understanding these techniques. The teacher might be a factor if we consider that Barry was trained by Reverse Flash who had so much more experience and knowledge of the speed force, but still, Barry tries and I hope we will see him becoming to Wally what was Wells, actually both Wells (the first two, this is becoming more difficult to define by episodes) to Barry.

We also have Iris revealing to Joe what Barry saw in the future which creates some problems between them. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Caitlyn and Julian interacting, which can be quite frosty sometimes (I am deeply sorry, but I would not have forgotten myself if I didn’t do at least one pun with her). It is becoming quite obvious in which way their relationship is going and even though I am not highly opposed to it I can’t say that I am happy seeing Caitlyn getting another love interest that will most likely be gone by next season.

Overall I must say that this was a solid episode that contributed to the series story greatly. However, it fell into the trap that many episodes before. The villain is important and using him just one episode and then throwing him away is a real waste, especially since this one was kind of hard to defeat.

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