Flash S03E10 - Borrowing Problems from the Future

by Dorlan on January 25, 2017

Flash training his sidekick (Kid Flash)
Hello, Flash fans. We are finally back after waiting for almost two months. And I’m guessing that you are wondering whether we are pulled right back in with a good episode. I’m here to answer that question for you.

As the episode starts we see Wally shadowing Barry as he passes his know-how to him. This would have been interesting to see more of, but sadly it seems like it gets resolved pretty quickly and comes down to the fact that the show has a bit of trouble portraying abilities that come with speedforce without it being a problem for the story. As in super speed is way too powerful of a skill and often they have to downscale them to fit normal plot while said plot still maintains a feel of danger or at least a challenge for them. This is pretty apparent later in the episode when our heroes come to the final confrontation with this week’s antagonist.

Speaking about him, Plunder is the name. He has eyepatch and gun that fires just about any kind of rounds you can imagine. And that’s it. Not much more to him. He was a very weak villain and not very memorable, but he served his purpose and that still counts. 

One more thing about Kid Flash and I’ll be off to other plot lines that were handled better. I strongly disliked that some random cop was saved by Flash and his sidekick only to later criticize Kid Flash that “he probably isn’t fast enough”, “we already have Flash, go home kid”. I’m glad that we have Kid Flash on the show, but this was used in the first half of the season by characters that seemed to have reason to be saying those things. Because they were concerned about Wally and his recklessness. But hearing these things so out of placed felt weird and not that beneficial to the plot. I think that the writers should find a better way to motivate Wally or to push him in a direction that they need.

One more lighthearted plot line revolves around HR opening the Star Labs museum. As it seems he poured his heart and soul into it only to be met with indifference or in some cases resentment. But do not be alarmed, because we already know that HR will always land on his feet even when he blunders about a bit. 

During this episode, we also saw Caitlin who is still struggling with her alter ego. Because of that she approaches Julian and asks him to join team Flash in order to help her. Julian, after all, is the expert on metahumans. I think that there is some potential between Caitlin and Julian but I’m not a big fan of the idea since Julian will probably not return in next season.

One last thing that we need to cover is the biggest piece of information that came from the last episode. Iris’s death. This knowledge not only affects Barry as a person but it also interferes with him being the Flash. Because of this heavy influence that this knowledge has over him, he decides to take steps to prevent that future from happening.

As usual, this paragraph will bring the conclusion that is desperately needed after reading this review. I realize that I went pretty critical on some things and didn’t say much about the rest. I assure you that this episode, as all before this one, is worth watching. Yes, there were parts that were boring and badly handled, but complete opposite can be said about all the other parts. So go, watch it if you haven’t already.

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