Flash S03E09 - The Present

by Dorlan on December 12, 2016

Jay Garrick and Barry Allen
Hello. Today I bring you the review of the last episode before Christmas and the New Year. For next almost 8 weeks we will be left without Barry and Team Flash. The most important question, as usually, is whether it was a good or not? Let's find out.

What is worth mentioning at the start of the review is the fact that we got once again Mark Hamill as Trickster. This time it was in a different way that you might expect as two Flashes team up to stop him. Even though he didn't have as much time on screen as we might like it was still fun to see him. 

One thing I just don't understand. Jay (the other Flash) doesn't wear a mask, only the helmet he got from Zoom last season. He doesn't care about his identity being public? Or is it just that they don't blur his face to have more money for other effects? Since we saw Barry and Jay fighting Trickster on Earth-3 I thought that he might guard his identity a little closer.

Moving back to Earth-1 where Jay tries to help Barry with Savitar. They both confront Dr. Alchemy, who is trying to use philosopher stone on all of the people who had powers in Flashpoint. Seeing as he won't be able to defeat Flashes of two worlds Savitar comes to help him. Jay decides to give Barry time to deal with Dr. Alchemy and takes on Savitar alone, which goes as well as you might expect. However Barry is more successful in his endeavor. 

This whole event leads to them collaborating with an unexpected ally who gives them a glimpse of what they might expect in the future from their new nemesis. As you must know by now, I won't talk in details about this part of the episode since it is probably the most exposition we got on Savitar and I don't want to spoil that for you.

Later Jay devises a plan that should get them rid of the philosopher stone. But not all goes according to plan and Barry ends up somewhere, where no speedster should ever go: the future. 

Some minor story lines consist of HR training Wally who then tells the rest of the team. In this scene, I liked Barry's reaction so much. It was so bossy, but with so much authority that you just had to think about the repercussions that will follow. Another one is "eggnog-off" between Joe's girlfriend and himself. This contest takes a toll on HR who gets so drunk that others have to keep an eye on him. I simply love how much fun Tom Cavanagh has while playing all those incarnations of Harrison Wells.

This episode, while not ending on a traditional sinister note that we are used to seeing whenever Flash takes a break, was probably one of the best episodes this season. It provided us with a full dose of personal lives of characters that we like to follow weekly. We saw them in a more relaxed environment but we also saw a great deal of the story, that was lacking in some other episodes and action was also pretty decent. If you haven't seen  the episode yet it isn't big deal, since there will be a long break now, but you should definitely catch up, because I have a feeling that the good stuff is just ahead of us.

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