Flash S03E08 - Invasion!

by Dorlan on December 03, 2016

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Hello fans of The Flash. This week’s episode is kind of hard to review as it is only a third of a story that involved all of the heroes the CW has. This week, as Barry said, we encounter “Alieeeens!” Without further ado let’s get to answering the most important question. Was it good?

From the title and first paragraph of this review you have surely gathered that Barry and company have to deal with an alien invasion. These aliens are called the “Dominators” and their intentions are unclear for now. Seeing as this will be too much for even Barry to handle he brings together everyone he can gather. This list includes Supergirl, Team Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is still The Flash and not Justice League. Because of that we still have some plot lines that keep us grounded in our regular show. Mainly we see that Wally is still being tested in the Star Labs. This process is designed to keep him grounded and safe before he is ready to go into the field. But as you can imagine, he isn’t happy about that. This results into an unexpected alliance that we will be seeing in the upcoming episodes, probably.

We also get another wave of Flashpoint changes that find their way into the story. These in big part include other shows and their protagonists but they will also put Barry in a difficult position because even he isn't sure what has changed anymore. You will see how our heroes deal with those changes and what effects they have on them working as a team.

Another "The Flash" storyline is Cisco still being mad at Barry, because he is the reason why his brother is dead. Honestly, I dislike this artificial problem between Barry and Cisco because it seems so out of character for him. At least this harsh attitude he has towards him. I could imagine him keeping the distance for a while before he can cope with it, but his attitude that can be summarized with “Barry is no longer my friend and I don’t trust him” isn’t healthy for the show and I can only hope it won’t stay for a long.

A big part of this crossover episode was gathering the heroes and setting up this whole week worth of entertainment. I won’t be talking about this as it is either in the spoiler zone or not worth mentioning because you should see it for yourselves.

This episode is definitely worth watching, mainly because we haven’t had a crossover this big yet. This episode fulfilled its purpose by setting the story up and showing the potential for similar events in the future, but as an episode of The Flash it was on the weaker side of the spectrum. I’m saying that only because it showed us a lot of stuff that could have been cool to watch but it didn’t follow on most of them. It is definitely worth watching and I think none of you will be disappointed. 

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