Flash S03E06 - Shade

by Dorlan on November 21, 2016

Wally and Dr. Alchemy
Ladies and gentleman, welcome to another review of The Flash. As you can see from the title we are on our sixth episode of this season and the thing here is: not much has happened in the bigger picture. For almost two months now we are getting good episodes with interesting stories on their own but no real buildup regarding this season’s story. This episode will change that but not in a way that I liked.

First of all, I think that even though there is an amazing finale to this episode, this was by far the worst episode we got this season. Why? Because a good three minutes doesn’t balance out 40 minutes of bad villains and characters acting stupid.

Let’s start with this week’s meta: “Shade”. There was no development for him. He just appeared. Did something and he was gone. No explanation, no motivation for him, nothing. Just a bad guy who’s only reason to be on screen was to kill some time.

Another thing that really dragged this episode down was how stupid most of the characters acted. After Flashpoint, not even 5 episodes back, everybody agreed that they didn’t want to know anything about their lives before or during Flashpoint. And now, people are getting angry at Barry for not telling them about their lives before. I don’t know if the characters are just acting silly or if writers messed up and had to, in a way, retcon some of these decisions because they didn’t know how to push the story forward.

But I don’t want to only be negative. So far you must think that this episode was unbearable but that is not true at all. It was just not on par with what we are used to seeing on The Flash.
The Redeeming grace this week was Cisco and Caitlin who shared some nice moments that are setting up stage for next week’s episode. Best thing about this is that what we know is coming might have so many outcomes that we will probably be surprised in any case.
We also saw Joe, who finally managed to go on a date only to be sidetracked by HR who seems to be able to charm people better than any other version of Wells we saw on screen until now.

Even though this review is shorter than usual and I kicked this episode pretty hard you I would still recommend this episode. The last few minutes will probably wash the bad stuff away for most people. I know it did for me until I had to sit down and write the review. Now we can look forward and hope that in the future characters will stay more true to what they believe and writers won’t try anything like this again.

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