Flash S03E05 - Monster

by Dorlan on November 04, 2016

Tom Felton as Julian Albert
This week’s episode of The Flash took a different approach than usual with the series. Its main focus lies within the characters. What I’m about to say might be a controversial opinion but personally, it was the best episode this whole season.

Now you are probably wondering, considering we got episodes like Flashpoint and The New Rogues this season, how can this be the best one yet? Well the truth is this episode isn’t the best. It has one giant flaw that a lot of people won’t be able to ignore, but for me, it wasn’t that big of a deal. What was that flaw? The main villain of this episode was “the monster”. It served its purpose in other story-lines that were taking place and it was quite successful in that purpose. However, the monster’s storyline was really dull and, if taken out of context, it would not be very interesting.

This week we finally got to see more of Julian on more of a personal level and I must say that I loved this so much. So far he wasn’t fleshed out all that well even though Tom Felton’s performance is always on point. In this episode we got to know him more on a personal level, his backstory was revealed and his interactions with Barry were great. I won’t say more because this is really something that you need to see and experience for yourself.

We have yet to cover two more storylines. Caitlin, who becomes more and more concerned about her condition, seeks out the only person that can help her beside team Flash, her mother. This leads to some information on her past before she became a part of team Flash and we get to see her in a way we have never seen her in before.

And last but not least, we have HR (Harrison Wells for all of you that aren’t hip enough) with Cisco. This storyline provides this week’s portion of humor as we learn more and more about our new visitor. Who he is? Why is he here? What he considers best thing about Earth-1?  All of these questions are answered by the end of the episode. Well, not a great answer, but an answer nonetheless. It was great seeing Tom Cavanagh as another version of Harrison Wells again. He is a very talented actor as he proves time and time again by making subtle changes in his performance to communicate it is a different version of the character but he never makes it different enough to become a completely different person. He remains the same character while also being very different, and that is no small feat.

I have so many thoughts after this episode because it delved into territory that we don’t normally explored so deeply. But this is not the place to discuss all of that. I will do a blog post about my thoughts so far and what I’d like to see improved/explored more this season. You can look out for that and maybe share some of your thoughts.

I usually keep last paragraph as a quick summary of what was great this week and why you should keep watching The Flash. This week we got a more personal episode that is worth watching for Tom Felton’s performance alone. See you in two weeks.

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