Flash S03E04 - The New Rogues

by Dorlan on October 28, 2016

Jesse Quick and The Flash
Hello fans of The Flash. This week we saw the episode called The New Rogues which introduced us to The Mirror Master. This new adversary brings help with him to take over Central City, so Barry does too when confronting him. With this short episode introduction complete let’s get on to the review itself.

First off, I must say this episode was quite fun. We got a good mix of everything that I like to see in the show with some scenes actually exceeding my expectations. However, I also have some criticism with regards to something I touched on in last week’s review. My final paragraph will be marked with a spoiler alert in regards to this critique, so I advise you to not read it until you watch the episode.

The fun begins with Mirror Master, aptly named by Wells because we can’t expect Cisco to be on top if his game all the time, spending some time dealing with a certain villain we saw in previous episodes. Their whole scene plays out during a particle accelerator explosion which turns him and his girlfriend into meta-humans. He can now travel through reflective surfaces anywhere and his girlfriend called “Top” can now alter the perception of others in wacky ways, or something like that, you’ll see. I liked that they are a romantic criminal duo but I also think that they might have used The Mirror Master in a bit more effective manner that split his time on screen with someone else. Especially when in flashback we got to see one of the show’s better villains.

This episode also builds on the familiar yet fun theme which has been constant throughout this young season, Barry and Iris dating. This time around we see how other people might play into their relationship which creates some very uncomfortable situations.
I would like to dedicate this paragraph to someone who only plays one character on the show but plays that character in so many ways. Yes you guessed it; I’m referring to Harry Wells portrayed by brilliant Tom Cavanagh. As we know Harrison Wells from Earth-2 can’t stay with us forever, since he and Jesse have lives in their own reality, so he comes up with a great idea of finding a replacement for himself. This is probably the funnies thing that has happened this season and I think it will be very hard to trump. Even more funny is how he reacts to idea that he himself came up with!

One last thing that deserves its own paragraph is the official debut of Jesse Quick who suffers from the same ailment every new partner of superhero does. What is that you ask? Thinking she can help even when she was told not to do anything. This trope of course is justified and even more so considering how powerful speedsters are. When I consider all the things we got to see because she didn’t listen to Barry? She is forgiven!


Ok, so I talked about hoping that Jesse and Wally would only stay as friends in last week’s review. Good friends even but just friends. Making them into a couple this episode felt really rushed. I get that they have feelings for each other but right now we are already watching one relationship develop. I feel it is getting a little bit crowded in that department especially considering Joe seems to also be heading in that direction.

In conclusion this episode was more of a mixed bag for me. I had a lot of fun watching it and I would advise you all to do the same thing. On the other hand some things weren’t handled as well as they could have been.

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