Flash S03E03 - Magenta

by Dorlan on October 20, 2016

Yet another episode of The Flash aired this week and I must say that it was a really good one. We kind of saw a return to the classic format from previous seasons with new meta humans making a brief appearance and the return of some characters that we all know and love. Though we must not forget that all of this is still happening during the aftermath of Flashpoint.

With the introduction done, we can talk about few noteworthy things. The first and foremost thing would be the return of our beloved characters named Harry (not Harrison, mind you) Wells and his lovely daughter Jesse Quick, who is very true to her name these days. Jesse comes armed with her new speed and Wells with his catchphrase that even Cisco acknowledges.  The Earth-2 visitors are at Star Labs to seek help from Team Flash regarding Jesse’s speed. Harry is afraid for his daughter and is willing to do anything to keep hers safe. Heard that before? Jesse did and she is not pleased to hear that same old song again.

Meanwhile new meta humans are resurfacing in Central City. She starts with small actions but later builds up to way bigger things that will cause lots of trouble for Barry. I really liked her character and I must say that in the sea of one-episode villains we are used to, she brought something quite interesting and even original.

Of course there are other, more personal, things happening. One of them is that Barry and Iris finally manage to go on their date! Iris thinks that Barry should just be himself and leave his superhero part at home but Barry has trouble separating his dual identity because he can’t just be Barry without being The Flash anymore. It is good to see their relationship moving at a slow pace since we have most of the show ahead of us and there is plenty of room for a trial and error phase that I think we will definitely see in the future. Hopefully it will be moving at a good pace and Iris will still be that great character we know and she won’t just become a damsel in distress that Barry has to save every time.

We also saw another duo on screen: Wally and Jesse. We saw these two becoming good friends last season and Jesse even acknowledges that she considers Wally as her close friend. When she talks about her newly found powers Wally sank into a bit of a mood, but who can blame him? She got awesome powers from event that affected Wally just as it did her, but he has no powers. He takes this pretty badly, unfortunately. I love how he also tries to replicate what happened to Jesse with hope that his powers might also manifest. I always forget that Wally should be way younger than the rest of the cast, which is not necessarily caused by casting but it is definitely a contributing factor. Although I must say that I love Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West. This episode really showed him as a young guy, who often does childish things because he doesn’t have that many experiences compared to others. So I am glad that this episode showed us this young and stupid side of him.

I just hope that Wally and Jesse will just stay friends. At least for now anyway. We are watching one new relationship grow and in my opinion that is enough.

In conclusion I’d say that we saw one of the better episodes overall with a bit more grounded, but none the less interesting story. If you haven’t watched it yet I have only one question for you: what are you waiting for?!

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