Moon Knight #1

by Chiotare Danake on April 16, 2016

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire

I'm slowly becoming a fan of Lemire's work with Moon Knight #1. It is captivating and unsettling all at the same time. With all the previous runs of Moon Knight, Lemire took an advantage from past works and incorporated it to a new status quo. We delve deep into Marc Spector's mind and experience his insanity firsthand.

The whole narrative feels like a puzzle being pieced together. Lemire did a great job in setting up an unnerving story where the reader is left asking questions by the end. The dialogues between the other characters were off-putting, which I believe was intentional to produce an eerie vibe in the book. Marc's interaction with some of the characters might alienate new readers. However, those who have read past runs may be up for a good ride.

On the other hand, the art perfectly fit the book's tone. The first few pages felt like looking on mythological paintings with Khonshu as the main focus. The actual art was not groundbreaking but it was essential in setting the mood. Many facial expressions depicted the character's emotions, especially Marc's. His insanity can be seen through the art alone. The gutters had mostly white backgrounds, as it portrayed Moon Knight's signature color but was not excessive in any way. The colors in the first few pages and in some flashbacks gave the atmosphere that it was trying to build without causing any confusion to the reader.

Moon Knight #1 is an amazing psychological story where you are left wondering by the end of the book. Is Marc really Moon Knight or are those all in his head? The book strikes this question many times and its execution was great. Although completely new readers might be confused on certain character interactions, it might just be enough for them to continue picking this book up.

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Chiotare Danake quite interesting comic part at This moon night had a good plot, and was enjoyable. I thought no one can beat archie which no one can but it is good too. Keep up the good work.