Titans United #1 Review

by Carlos R. on September 14, 2021

Titans United #1 Cover Image featuring the Titans leaping into action from the right of the page to the left in various action poses
Written by: Cavan Scott
Penciled by: Jose Luis
Inked by: Jonas Trindade
Colored by: Rex Lokus
Lettered by: Carlos M. Mangual
Publisher: DC Comics

While I’ve been enjoying Teen Titans Academy (definitely recommend checking it out), I have been hankering for a series that is more reminiscent of the Titans series I grew up with. And Titans United delivers on that front, utilizing the lineup from the Titans series.

The story follows our team responding to a threat from a seemingly newly powered metahuman, Evan, with abilities that are strikingly familiar. Scott keeps this issue focused on this event, giving each team member a chance in the spotlight. It’s an effective take, allowing the reader to see how the team deals when up against their own powersets and builds the world and danger around them by having them have to consider the civilians in the vicinity when planning their moves. I really enjoyed the banter between teammates, Garth always manages to steal the spotlight, but I really appreciated Donna here, staying out of everyone’s beef but unafraid to call them out. But Scott’s choice to have this first issue more intimate works well to show how threatening one of these people can be and adds an emotional weight on how to stop them before they become too much to handle.

I loved Luis’ designs for the team, their outfits were very familiar, but had a armored feel to them that added a layer of uniformity to the team, I mean outside of Superboy’s usual tee and jeans. Luis, Trindade, and Lokus absolutely killed it with the transitions between Evan’s powers, especially in regard to Garth’s abilities. You could miss it if not looking carefully, but on a specific panel, he’s shifting between three different creatures that vary between the fight or flight response that just adds so much depth to his panic. There were a few panels that seemed like odd choices, one was Superboy’s face being framed but in a way where there isn’t much emotion or reaction being conveyed. But other than a couple of dialogue panels, the action and book flowed very smoothly.

This was a fun book and if you’re in the same boat as me, wanting some classic Titans action then definitely pick this one up.

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