The Silver Coin #5 Review

by Carlos R. on August 11, 2021

The Silver Coin #5 Cover Image
Written by: Michael Walsh
Lines by: Michael Walsh with Gavin Fullerton
Colors by: Michael Walsh and Toni Marie Griffin
Publisher: Image Comics

The Silver Coin has quickly risen to be my favorite series of the year. Not only is it a horror masterpiece, but an incredible comic book.

This issue brings the series to the close of its first arc, which I’m so happy that there’s still more to come. Issue #5 dives into the origin of the Coin and just like previous installments, makes you care for the central characters and then uses that love to make the horror hurt all the more.

If you’d like to avoid spoilers, know that this issue is just as amazing as its predecessors and read no further.

Walsh weaves a simple yet brutal tale about the Coin’s origin. We open with interspliced panels introducing us to the central characters of this issue: Rebekah Goode and Cotton Dudley. These two are so opposite in nature, Rebekah allows herself to be of service to the community though it clearly drains her and displays signs of joy when returning to her home in the woods away from everyone. She finds comfort in the company of animals and nature whereas Dudley appears to gain some sick sense of delight from manipulating others. It’s Rebekah’s willingness to help the community that ends up breaking your heart as they turn on her.

The art is gorgeous, and the muted tones work so well here. The violence to this series has been prominent before but it’s lessened here, but not dulled by any means. The softened grays of this issue highlight the blood and cruelty of the townsfolk and sting as you read through Rebekah’s sentencing.

The Silver Coin is a sobering, horrific read and by far one of the best comic series I’ve ever read. I’m ecstatic to see there’s more tales of the Coin coming from authors like Ram V, Vita Ayala, Joshua Williamson, and Matthew Rosenberg. Let us know in the comments which issue has been your favorite thus far!

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