Future State Wonder Woman #2 Review

by Carlos R. on February 02, 2021

Future State Wonder Woman #2 Cover Image
Written and art by: Jöelle Jones
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: DC Comics

A part of me wants to simply write “Read. This. Book.” And end the review there with a 10/10 score because my review won’t do this book any justice and you need to experience this title for yourself. But I can’t stop talking to my wife and dog about how awesome Future State Wonder Woman is and how desperately in need I am of a Yara Flor action figure for my collection; so, we will continue on!

Issue #2 picks up with the events of the last book and we follow Yara on her charge through Cerberus and the rest of hell. This chapter sheds some light on Yara’s history and relationship with her Themysciran sister and motivation for this mission. Wonder Woman’s passion and reckless ingenuity make her such a blast to read. Jones’ choice to tell a more personal story about rescuing one of her sisters as opposed to fighting off some planet-destroying villain builds an emotional connection to this character and definitely cements Yara as the right person to take on the mantle of Wonder Woman.

I tend to stick to digital formats when conducting my reviews, but I had to pick up a physical copy of this issue because I find myself going back to it to admire certain pages. Jones’ designs are incredible, Hades and Persephone are amazing and the way Persephone cuts through Hades’ hazy panels is fantastic. Her calm demeanor and the shift between the erratic glow of Hades’ furious eyes to a subdued red establishes so much about these two characters’ relationship in just a few panels. And red plays such a prominent role this issue. Bellaire uses it to breathe life into the underworld and coats the flashbacks in red and white to show how raw this pain is for Yara. Cowles’ red speech bubbles give the impression of a heartbeat through the layout of Yara’s search and help guide the reader’s eyes and build tension as the reader progresses.

Read. This. Book.

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