Future State The Flash #1 Review

by Carlos R. on January 06, 2021

Future State The Flash #1 Cover Image
Written by: Brandon Vietti
Art by: Dale Eaglesham
Colors by: Mike Atiyeh
Lettered by: Steve Wands
Publisher: DC Comics

Though this first issue doesn’t come off as fresh of a take as the other series seem to have been, Future State The Flash #1 most certainly makes for an interesting read.

I enjoyed Vietti’s take on this horrific alternate universe through the lens of the Flash family. Forced to use their wits and strengths outside the Speedforce, Vietti is able to weave a tension-filled tale. Barry is as driven as he’s ever been, and the integral elements of the Flash family are sewn in and act as the driving force behind this story. Due to the established bonds between these characters, this may not serve as the best jumping on title for new readers, but they should be able to pick up on their history as they move through the book.

Eaglesham and Atiyeh have some jampacked pages of art and I’m reminded of the Scott Kolins era of the Flash through emphasis of movement and vibrancy of colors. There are some moments in the book where character movements are designed in a way that works against the direction the reader follows. I love Wally’s appearance and his demeanor in this book, he comes off as such a creepy threat and I can’t wait to see more of him in action.

This title may have served better as a Tale from the Dark Multiverse rather than the Future State line, however it’s still a fun read and you’ll definitely be left wanting to further explore this world.

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