Catwoman #28 Review

by Carlos R. on December 15, 2020

Catwoman #28 Cover Image

Written by: Ram V
Art by: Fernando Blanco
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Lettered by: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: DC Comics

We are at four issues into this creative team’s run with Catwoman and there is not a better time to hop on and enjoy one of the best books DC is putting out right now.

This issue picks up with Selina and her band of strays protecting Alleytown from the Khadym mob. I loved seeing Selina’s training with the strays pay off in this issue as they take down the mob with vicious, Home Alone-esque traps.

V, Blanco, Plascencia, and Napolitano make for an incredible creative team, so far, each issue has been of outstanding quality and an absolute blast to read. There’s lots of moving parts to this book with little to no whiplash as we switch between scenes and viewpoints. Ram V’s writes Selina in the best way, her approach to the antagonists of this story is a joy to read and you can’t help but to cheer her on as she does not let anyone underestimate her. The confidence exuding from her is appreciated although I can’t help but to fear her inevitable fall, especially after her conversation with Father Valley; who, by the by, is as eerie as ever and feels so out of Selina’s wheelhouse that I can’t gauge how much of a threat he poses. This is great in building tension as we read that Selina can hold her own with all these characters, but the moment Father Valley steps in, he proves a match for her.

The strays don’t have many lines or appear on many pages but that’s where Plascencia and Blanco shine. They are able to heighten the tension of the book by keeping the strays out of sight and when they are shown, they have a smug expression to them that lets you know they have plans for the Khadym mob. The absolute look of terror on the members of the mob’s faces are priceless. The framing of each shot is superb as the mob steps onto the scene and while they look formidable, the angle of each frame has us anticipating what awaits them.

With magnificent storytelling and viusals, Catwoman is definitely a title you want to be following right now.


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