Marvel Voices Indigenous Voices #1

by Carlos R. on November 19, 2020

Marvel Voices Indigenous Voices #1 Cover Graphic
“The Watcher”
Written and drawn by: Jeffrey Veregge
Publisher: Marvel Comics

“Echo: Hitting Back”
Written by: Rebecca Roanhorse
Drawn by: Weshoyot Alvitre
Colored by: Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Marvel Comics

“Mirage: Multifaceted”
Written by: Darcie Little Badger
Drawn by: Kyle Charles
Colored by: Felipe Sobreiro
Publisher: Marvel Comics

“Silver Fox: Blue Moon”
Written by: Stephen Graham Jones
Penciled by: David Cutler
Inked by: Roberto Poggi
Colored by: Cris Peter
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by: Taboo & B. Earl
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This is one gorgeous issue. Rarely do I ever have trouble picking a cover, but each of the covers for this issue is magnificent! I ended up selecting the Afua Richardson cover but there’s absolutely no wrong choice here and highly recommend checking out all the art involved in this issue. The opening to this issue is fantastic! The design and scope of the spread in the first story is breathtaking. It also helps ease in any new readers with short introductions to the characters involved in the story and beyond.

One thing I look for when picking up these anthologies is the cohesiveness of each story. While the art shifts almost radically between stories, the stories share common themes of identity, approaches to violence, fear, and legacies. And while the art does have some hard shifts, it’s never for the worse, each tale is beautifully presented in meaningful ways to the story. The framing in “Silver Fox: Blue Moon” shifts to jagged forms to interrupt the present narrative to show flashes of the future.

I appreciate how connected these stories are to the overall Marvel Universe, these stories tend to have little tie-in to the world they share. Here we have Dani Moonstar discuss connecting Krakoa to other nations and a story that plays into Silver Fox’s history.

I love this issue and I hope we get to see more from these creators. If you’re like me and can’t wait for more from them, I highly recommend checking out Jeffrey Veregge’s current Marvel covers and images of Veregge’s exhibition Of Gods and Heroes, Rebecca Roanhorse’s fantasy books Trail of Lightning and Black Sun, and Darcie Little Badger’s book Elatsoe.

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