Mighty Morphin #1 Review

by Carlos R. on November 04, 2020

Mighty Morphin #1 Cover Graphic
Written by: Ryan Parrott
Illustrated by: Marco Renna
Colors by: Walter Baiamonte
Color Assistance by: Katia Ranalli
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Mighty Morphin #1 is finally here and I’m stoked to say it is a solid entry point for new readers and a darn good read.

This issue picks up after the end of the last series and finds the rangers trying to solve the mystery of the new Green Ranger. We also get a glimpse of Zordon’s previous life and some great fight sequences against Pandamonium.

Parrott makes this a relatively accessible first issue, there’s enough exposition to catch anyone up who has yet to read the final issues of the last series. I appreciate the amount of time given to each character, we even get some time with Bulk and Skull. Parrott is able to handle this team well and have each Ranger have a distinct voice. I love how much Tommy has grown since the first issue of the last series, becoming more optimistic and confident with the team. The Zordon scenes are some of my favorite in this issue and I’m liking this approach Parrott is taking to humanize his character.

Renna, Baiamonte, Ranali, and Dukeshire tackle the art this issue and do an excellent job of representing Angel Grove and its inhabitants. The brilliant colors used in this issue are lovely and highlight the youthful spirit of the show. The Rangers look slightly younger than they have in the previous series, but the tone of this run starts off on a more positive note, so it could just be my expectations causing me to have this view. Renna’s action sequences are well coordinated and easy to follow, I thoroughly enjoyed the fights in this issue.

This is such an entertaining issue and I’m excited to see the Rangers move forward with the mysteries that have been set up.  

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