Tales from the Dark Multiverse Batman Hush #1 Review

by Carlos R. on November 04, 2020

Tales from the Dark Multiverse Batman Hush #1 Cover Graphic
Written by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Art by: Dexter Soy
Pencils for pages 46-48 by: Sergio Davila
Inks for pages 46-48 by: Matt Santorelli
Colors by: Ivan Plascencia
Lettered by: ALW’s Troy Peteri
Publisher: DC Comics

Tales from the Dark Multiverse are the classic what if stories, but these twisted tales make for one intriguing read. This take on the Hush storyline is no different and hits some familiar notes from the original story.

In this alternate version of the Hush story, Thomas Elliot and Bruce Wayne are childhood friends and along with their parents, attend The Mark of Zorro together on that fateful night. From that point we follow Thomas to the present and learn of the changes that came from his family’s inclusion into Batman’s origin.

I thoroughly enjoyed Johnson’s approach to this Batman classic, like Hush, it brought in a large cast and had some slight red herrings (more so for the characters involved) as to who Hush could be. My favorite aspect to these stories is the little easter eggs strewn about and with such a large ensemble there’s quite a couple, especially involving the Bat family and how their lives differ. This was a fun story and Johnson’s take to have the point of view from Elliot added to the suspense of it all.

The art is done well! The introduction has a sort of Twilight Zone/Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction feel to it and the quick recap of the original story is nicely done, really love how the colors were minimal and almost murky. The colors throughout made each page pop, from Talia’s outfit to the eeriness of Arkham. Also, I loved this Batman’s outfit, it feels pieced together and the bandages are a great touch.

If you’re a fan of the original Hush storyline or just love alternate universe stories, this is a fun and engaging issue to pick up.

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