Wonder Woman #762 Review

by Carlos R. on September 08, 2020

Wonder Woman #762 Cover Image
Colors by: Alejandro Sanchez
Inks by: Matt Santorelli
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Pencils by: Carlo Barberi
Written by: Mariko Tamaki
Publisher: DC Comics

The latest issue of Wonder Woman finds Diana on her quest to find the villain causing widespread pandemonium through mind control. Partnered with Max Lord is not making it any easier, though seeing their interactions when on the same side is one of the highlights of this issue.

I’m loving Mariko Tamaki’s approach to Wonder Woman. There’re multiple ways to utilize physically imposing villains against Diana, but here, Tamaki chooses to overwhelm Wonder Woman by having her put out multiple fires, literally at times, and confused as to what direction danger is coming from or even, as this issue shows, who she can trust. The series takes its time to build the tension and develop the story, while also having each issue move quickly and divulge key information. This can sometimes jar the pace of the story but makes each issue worth a read.

Right off the bat the first thing to notice about this issue has to be its colors, they’re so vivid and warm; Sanchez’s work just draws you further in. It definitely helps that the opening scene is of a group of charging Amazon warriors, the water that splashes as they storm the beach is dazzling! The flow of the book definitely benefits from having Pat Brosseau on board, there’s loads of work in this issue and Brosseau executes each line perfectly. There’s a lot going on in this issue and Santorelli and Barberi draw so many details and flesh out each page. Barberi creates some incredible action sequences, especially when showing Diana deflecting bullets and the collision toward the end is so well done, they capture every chip of metal, glass, and puff of smoke.

Along with Wonder Woman #762 making for a fun and beautifully designed read, it also marks a significant point in the story Tamaki is weaving, so you'll want to be sure to check it out!

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