Deadpool #6 Review

by Carlos R. on August 05, 2020

Deadpool #6 Cover Image
Colors by: Chris Sotomayor
Art by: Kevin Libranda
Written by: Kelly Thompson
Lettered by: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Kelly Thompson’s Deadpool #6 marks another stellar issue in what is shaping to be an incredible Deadpool run. This issue hits all the right notes and if you’re in need of a fun read to breakup up the drama of all the current crossovers, then look no further!

This issue finds Deadpool insulted by the audacity of the X-Men to not return his calls. Wade decides to invade Krakoa and face the deadliest mutants to have his demands met.

Deadpool can be a tough character to nail, in the wrong hands he could come off as an overplayed meme. But not when it comes to Kelly Thompson, while he can drop quite a bit of dialogue in one speech bubble, it works for the sense of humor in the book. The interactions between each character reads naturally and they play off each other really well, especially with how everyone reacts to Jeff. Thompson is great at writing the dialogue for multiple characters and having everyone shine throughout. Deadpool’s motives are believable and once we see him interact with the only X-Man to return his call we get a look at the deeper meaning for Wade’s invasion.

Jeff shines in this issue, but honestly, when doesn’t he? Kevin Libranda and Chris Sotomayor do an excellent job of capture the spirit of the characters: Jeff is precious in every panel, Deadpool’s posture highlights his loveable buffoon qualities, and whenever the X-Men are on the page they’re shown from an angle that amplifies their heroism and makes them larger than life.

Deadpool #6 makes for a great jumping on point after wrapping up the last arc and demonstrates what’s made this series so much fun to read. Also, if you’re a fan of Jeff the land shark, or have yet to lay eyes on this magnificent creature, then this is a must read issue.

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